School Profile

Hesket Primary School is situated between Romsey and Woodend, approximately 11 Km from both towns. The enrolment in 2017 was 31. Hesket Primary School has served the rural population of the area since 1870 when the first primary school was opened. Timber milling and farming were the main occupations of the community in those days. Whilst farming is still carried out by some of the families, most families live in larger towns around Hesket - Romsey, Lancefield and Woodend, but choose to bring their children to this smaller rural school for a variety of reasons. In 2017 the school had a total staff of 3.0 Equivalent Full Time, (EFT) teaching staff and .8 EFT non-teaching staff.


The new school provides a permanent building housing two classrooms and an administration block. The community was unanimous in agreeing that the 125+ year old, Old School Building should be retained. This has been agreed to by the Department of Education and Training (DET). This retention means that the school community, through the School Council, is responsible for the maintenance and improvement of this building. School Council has set aside a special account for this purpose. The old school was built in 1912 and the teacher's residence was built in 1886.