Mathematics lessons at Hesket Primary are broken up into four elements:

  • Warm Up     
  • Launch        
  • Explore        
  • Summarise

Our Maths lessons incorporate:

  • Open-ended learning tasks: Teachers are encouraged to incorporate open-ended questions in all units of mathematics. Open-ended questions are questions that require more than just remembering a fact or reproducing a skill. They are questions that allow students to learn throughout the process of discovering one or more of the many acceptable answers. Observing this process also gives the teachers an opportunity to gather rich information about the capabilities of each student.
  • Real-life mathematics: Providing context to mathematics learning and encouraging children to see maths in the world around them has the potential to engage the disengaged, provide motivation and promote a positive attitude towards problem solving.
  • Differentiated learning: It is expected that, where appropriate, teachers show evidence of differentiated learning in their planners. Teachers can use a range of strategies to ensure the learning needs for all students are catered for. This includes (but is certainly not limited to) fluid, flexible groupings of mixed or like ability, a range of games, activities and investigations that use a variety of resources (hands on materials, ICT tools) and linking of new concepts to existing understandings.